Why Pleasure & Play Are Part of Your Purpose

Why Pleasure & Play Are Part of Your Purpose

Do you feel frivolous, lazy or guilty when you take time out for pleasure and play?

Believe it or not, this is not as uncommon as you might think, especially for those who were taught or told one or more of the following throughout life:

  • There’s no time for pleasure and play when there’s work to be done. 
  • There’s always work to be done and you have to work hard. 
  • Pleasure and play are frivolous, wasteful, sinful or ____.
  • You’ll regret or be punished later if you aren’t responsible now.
  • Etc…  

Can you relate or do you have other limiting beliefs of your own about pleasure and play? 

Even if you can’t, the irony in all of this is that BOTH are actually part of our life’s purpose so it’s kind of funny that there are so many who still don’t allow themselves to have fun because of similar or limiting beliefs! 

So why are pleasure and play part of our purpose? 

Because, put simply…

Pleasure and play are an integral part of human nature that allows us to a break from routine, promotes a sense of joy and freedom and offers us a chance to unwind, destress, and find new perspectives, essential for overall well-being and personal growth.

Not only that but there are SO many other benefits that both can provide!

For example, taking time to play can help reduce stress, boost creativity, enhance problem-solving skills, improve social connections, increase productivity, and promote overall well-being. Playfulness also stimulates the brain, encourages innovation, and helps maintain a positive outlook on life.

The benefits of pleasure include stress reduction, the release of feel-good hormones like endorphins, improved mood, enhanced motivation, and increased overall satisfaction. Pleasure also contributes to a better quality of life, supports mental health, and aids in building stronger social connections.

Can you see now how much juiciness, joy & value both pleasure and play can provide and how all of these benefits contribute to living on purpose? 🙂 

Hopefully understanding the value of both will help you reframe and release any limiting beliefs that might have prevented you from taking time out to enjoy ALL that life has to offer in the past and you’ll consider incorporating more time for both in your schedule going forward. 

And, knowing when it’s time to take time out for pleasure and play is important too! 

For example, feelings of overwhelm, stress, or feeling like you’re stuck in a routine can be good indicators that it’s time to take a break and do something that brings you pleasure or joy. 

You can also look for signs of mental fatigue, decreased creativity, or a lack of motivation.

In fact, recognizing these signals is ultimately a cue to step back and incorporate pleasure and play so you can recharge and regain a fresh perspective.

After all, your body is a barometer for your soul! 🙂

After considering all of the above, I hope you’ll realize the importance of taking time out on a regular basis for pleasure and play. 

Here’s to having fun while living on purpose!

Jess Bonasso, also known as The Self Rescue Goddess, is a self-rescue coach, author & keynote speaker on a mission to teach women around the world how to master the art of self-rescue so they can struggle less & thrive more.

A leading expert who’s been teaching women how to save themselves since 2007, Jess is the founder & CEO of Brave Life Consulting & the creator of the Brave-Hearted Way, a personalized self-rescue compass & road map that teaches ambitious modern-day wonder women how to awaken their power, heal their life & nurture their vision for greatness so they can thrive from a place of power, wholeness, ease & grace vs. the hard work, effort, & force they’ve been used to operating from.

Not only does she speak for women’s organizations, conferences & on podcasts regularly, she is also a published co-author of two self-help books & has over 20 years’ worth of expertise with the Enneagram personality system. She is also an accredited practitioner of The Journey Method®, a highly effective form of cellular trauma release therapy that can unravel the root cause of any trauma, struggle or self-sabotage that blocks or prevents your happiness, health, wealth, or wholeness.

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