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Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of clients each of whom was able to reclaim their power so they could correct what wasn’t working in their lives & create what they REALLY desired.

To learn more about the results & proven transformation that my clients (who I’m also now proud to call friends) have received, take a moment to review some of the kind words, heart-felt testimonials, & amazing results they’ve experienced below.

Some of these results are pretty mind-blowing! :)

With deep love & gratitude…

P.S. Many of my clients had such amazing results that they are happy & willing to share with you the benefits they received by phone! If a phone number listed, feel free to reach out & contact them directly to learn more about the many & varied benefits they received. :)


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Thank you for mentoring me on energy conservation… my mind is quieting. ~ D. P.

Going through the modules in the Brave-Hearted Way program enabled me to understand exactly what in my life was not working & I discovered my frustration was directed towards a very specific circumstance and relationship, which provided me with the clarity I needed to make a significant change in my life.

Going through the modules in the Brave-Hearted Way program enabled me to understand exactly what in my life was not working & I discovered my frustration was directed towards a very specific circumstance and relationship, which provided me with the clarity I needed to make a significant change in my life.

Looking back, I’m so glad I signed up for the 1 year commitment. This really allowed me to spend the as much time as needed to do the work & implement the practices learned!

In addition to that, the weekly Wednesday sisterhood circles were invaluable. I’m proud to call the women who participated friends! We learned so much from each other and were able to hold each other accountable in a very supportive way.

What a difference a year can make! I’d never participated in a coaching program before and wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m so glad I made this commitment to myself and to this program in particular. I’ve been wanting to make a career change for a long time but didn’t know where to begin.

Through the work Jess and I did together I was finally able to make that change and I’m so excited about the path my life is on now.

~ Joanne

I’ve really been feeling very good since the ego release session. And exactly in the way that I would like… I feel much calmer.

Additionally, I no longer feel that I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I have resources now! Which was an important part of the session. I find that I am just more conscious of how I’m feeling, as I go through daily tasks. It feels more deliberate, and less like I’m flailing out at the end of a paradigm that I wasn’t in control of.

I think the biggest “ah-ha” for me, was the realization that I had never actually FELT the feelings related to things that transpired in my childhood. Especially regarding my father, and how he made me feel as a young child. For over 20 years now I have described my relationship with him as VERY good… Because he made such an effort to become close to me again, when I was in my 30s. And it IS good, but I was completely oblivious that there was unresolved trauma, there. You asked just the right questions to get to the heart of the matter, and I’m impressed with that!

Another revelation was the layers of feelings, and what was “underneath” different emotions. That part of the exercise brought much needed clarity! The guidance you gave, during the session also left me in a very good place, emotionally.

I am feeling extremely open to what’s coming next. ????

~ C. M.

Jess’s Brave-Hearted Way program, her weekly sisterhood circles and her annual retreat allowed me to make tremendous changes in my life over the period of less than a year. 

When I started the program I was unhealthy, angry, and running a business that was successful but not my life’s calling. This program gave me the courage to quit my business and improve my life and I now, as a nonprofit consultant, I have amazing clients who share my values and I have time for myself, friends and family! 

Jess’s programs have helped me in the following ways:

  • The Brave-Hearted Way Program allowed me to focus on my core values and build a business around them, along with providing tools for how to get past limiting beliefs and energy drains. 
  • The weekly sisterhood circle keeps me focused on my values and goals and the members provide accountability.
  • The retreat allowed me the time to focus on my creative vision for the future and how to get there. 

I’d highly recommend all three of these programs but if you are interested in learning more you can start with the weekly sisterhood circle, which is just an hour per week and very affordable!

~ Carlie Ransom (303) 993-9610

My biggest take away was this new ability to identify my core values and underlying fears as behavior drivers, from an OBSERVATIONAL standpoint as opposed to being a “victim”. Also in identifying avenues out of disintegrated patterns and how to find the “way out”. Being an “observer” to my disintegrated patterns and identifying what is driving that behavior allows me to respond from an empowered place as opposed to with guilt, shame and self judgement.

In a nutshell, I feel I have learned my way to navigate life’s challenge as a hero as opposed to being a victim. What is so cool… that I’ve been taking another class and focusing on my archetype in my 6th house, which is the “victim” and this has given me a new perspective on how to learn from that place. I’ve found great value in this program. Thank you so much. ????????

~ Nicole Zayhowski

I listened to the meditation for physical pain and really enjoyed it and felt much better after listening. My adrenals calmed down and stopped burning and my pain has reduced by 75% for 3 days straight!

~ Buffie O’Neill

I can’t thank Jess enough for the power she brought to my soul. I owe so much of my eyes being open, my rooted-ness, my alignment to her. I was in and out of therapy, many a misdiagnosis, so much invalidation and dismissal that I really struggled to balance my life, constantly thinking something was wrong with me. I moved from burnt out, crying, overwhelmed to being complete within myself and thriving with my business. I would not be here if it wasn’t for her love, pulling me up and out of the wreckage of my own ego, frustration and patterns. Through Jess’s program, I was able to break out of my own toxic cycles and get rooted into what I wanted, who I was and stand strong in my own life’s purpose. Thank you, Jess!

~ Angela Kraft-Meldahl

I completed the 7 Day Brave Live Challenge and won a private session with Jess as a prize. I have always been quiet and withdrawn from owning my power and have accepted things as status quo. During the brave challenge I found a small crack in the shell of self-discovery and acknowledged fear and judgement were a couple of things holding me back from taking chances or sharing my authentic self.

As time has progressed and after listening to my private session with Jess, I am finding my inner strength and warrior who is willing to take on challenges and being seen. The work we’ve done together has penetrated to a cellular level when I knew I was supported within the process, my higher self and by Jess.

Having validation of the path I’ve been guided to walk, I have released old beliefs and traumas from my childhood. It’s been interesting and insightful working with Jess!

I feel blessed to have the gifts I have, the courage to step into the light and the strength to share my true self with others.

~ Laverne Poturalski (303) 378-0704

Jess helped shine light in my darkest hours after losing my husband, Peter.

Her guidance spilled into my business (so not surprising!) as well. To this day, I find myself experiencing gratitude in some of the hardest places because of how she taught me to look at life.

I can speak from experience, you won’t be disappointed if you work with her!

~ Christina DeMunda Martinez

I feel more free. The guilt of shifting my focus in business and health has nearly diminished.  It has shifted to being empowered by being aligned with my values. 

My energy levels have also been higher when I describe how we help people to have a better life by having a coach and better understanding of how money works. I get excited just writing this to you, which is fueling me to have a great week. 

My top 3 takeaways are that I have control of being in alignment, living in resistance can be draining, and  meditation can play an important role of being a better me. 

I am excited to share my excitement with others and how living in alignment with one’s values can be empowering. I’m also looking forward to reviewing the past lessons and working in the rituals on a daily basis. 

Thank you a million times over for working with me. Thank you for helping me see that my life was out of balance & for providing me with the self-rescue tools to turn it all around.

Your support in my growth has been priceless & the changes I’ve made in my life & career are now allowing me time to focus on the other areas that I’ve suppressed over the past 18 years.

I feel like I have my life back. You rock!!!

~ Jared Sosa | (303) 921-2391

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, guiding me forward on this healthy gratitude-focused mindset shift as well!

It does take practice and the outcomes – less depression and anger and more self-compassion and even self-acceptance are so worth it.

I really appreciate all of our self-rescue coaching sessions after a lifetime of beating myself up over perceived failures.:)

~ Angela J.

I first met and worked with Jess in 2014. What I personally have found most unique about Jess is that she is the facilitator of a cellular healing modality called – The Journey Method that is truly amazing to help us heal from past experiences and change old patterns. I recommend you to read more about this method of healing! 

Whenever I have felt stuck in my life – as if something is blocking me from accomplishing my goals or moving forward, have gone through a big transition or even needed to physically heal from something that had been harming my health, I have gone to Jess for this Journey process and have always had great and immediate results. I was able to more effortlessly move through the blocks, in the case of health – my health got better, and in general feel more empowered in my personal and professional life.

She empowers you and creates a holding space for you to go to your edge but in a supported way. She also provides practical tools for you to apply what you are working on, healing and learning in your day-to-day life. She is also a wonderful motivational coach, invested in YOU – your personal growth, power and healing & I highly recommend her as a coach, teacher and healer.

Thank you, Jess! ❤ 

~Xiomara Arauz | 720-431-0664

I am familiar with many types of personal development having been a therapist, coach and meditator myself for many years. I loved the simplicity, yet extraordinary creativity of the experience. A gentle dive into deep work, with a strong supportive atmosphere and pathway laid out before me. I was able to process key pieces very quickly and have a clear context in which to place them. I found ongoing growth from the sessions in the weeks that followed and Jess was great to follow up on that growth, knowing it would be there and create launching pads for new development.

Jess is an absolute delight to work with. She is focused, disciplined, & structured in such a way that I could be completely unstructured as I roamed about doing my work, knowing she’d have a container for me not to get lost in. Her follow up on sessions was quick and thorough. Work I needed to focus on following sessions was explained and I was allowed to use my time with her on subjects as I wished. This might not be everyone’s desire, but I’m pretty self-directed. I am sure if I wasn’t certain how to proceed Jess would’ve created pathways for me. So really just lovely and absolutely worth your time and resources.

Overall, I also loved how easy the Journey process work was. I mean truly, once Jess gave me a direction and a pathway, I traveled it with ease. She exudes something that makes you just trust her. I knew I could explore anything I wished without judgment. I made a decision to work on whatever arose when I signed up with Jess, and between that commitment and Jess’s techniques it made for the perfect growth and discovery experience.

Just loved the experience and would work with Jess again in a heart-beat!

~Noelle Vignola

Before working with Jess, I was having a full on spazmatron meltdown from the inside out, overwhelmed by work stress that I didn’t have the tools to successfully cope with.

When we first started working together I definitely felt like I was just reacting to things that happen to me, but now I remember that I’m the one in charge here. I am also soooooo much more aware of the ways that I am taking care of myself, and more importantly, aware of the ways that I am NOT taking care of myself. I totally feel more in control and more empowered to prioritize myself and what I need to make sure I’m in top shape for the world at large. 

And my biggest progress point is being able to recognize my heading in the wrong direction, and then determine what I can do to course-correct. I’m doing this by taking a deep breath and saying “what can I do in this moment that will help me to feel less overwhelmed? Also, what can I do later today that will further help me feel better about this situation.” I think that’s really helping, because in the moment it might be “knock something easy off my to do list” whereas the later that day is “schedule a drop in yoga class outside my normal routine” or “cook something special for dinner”.

What was most unique about doing this work was the self-reflection and self-assessment, which was really cool because I can repeat this process over and over again. For the first time in a long time, I feel more in control, like I am the one in the driver’s seat and I am choosing my own adventure when it comes to my life.  I’m actually feeling excited and inspired about the future again, which is nice & I know longer feel like I’m living under a cloud of overwhelm. ~ Kaleigh Canavan

Jess has helped me to manifest abundance in so many ways! Through the healing work we did around my personal blocks to abundance, I brought in over $20,000 which included GO fund me page funding that a friend provided, credit card debt pay off of $7,000, summer camp pay off of $6,000, student scholarship of $6,000, a snowboarding scholarship, a surprise tax refund amendment, free sessions at OsteoStrong in Lakewood and more.

She also helped me manifest and create a brand new home for my family and I, which I never thought I would own again!

And finally, her work with the Enneagram is so incredible and she has a unique ability to hold space for her clients and inspire them!

I would say more of areas in my life are filled in on the Self Care Assessment chart that we did together now then ever before and because of her guidance with the Enneagram, I now know what I need as an Ennea-Type 6 to support myself  going forward. ~ Karen Artemis (720) 697-8189

The meditation you and I did was the most helpful, healing thing I’ve ever done!

I’ve been feeling freed from the negative self talk and from bottling up my emotions and I’ve let them out so much more. I have changed the way I let my emotions come. I’ve also focused more on the positive emotions but I still let the negative emotions come but not stay too long. I am freed from what I was holding onto for 20 years and didn’t even know it was holding me back.

I also realize I DO have A LOT of support around me… I just need to learn how to request support and how to show my family the support I so desperately crave for myself. It goes both ways.

I am also enough. I am worthy of love and support. I just need to learn how to request and accept the support I am given.

I am excited to share my true self with my family and friends without fear or rejection or lack of support. I will show compassion and continue to do things with my big heart and accept that life is messy sometimes. I will learn (again, because I became bitter and resentful so I didn’t enjoy anything about the storms of life) to love playing in the rain. Again, thank you from the bottom of my healing heart for everything thus far. I can’t wait to dive in to my homework and learn who I really am and who I want to be!

~ Steph Munch

Before working with Jess, I was a workaholic! :) I came to her because all my life, ever since I started working at 14, I hustled and hustled. I slowed down when I had my daughter, but when she was 4-5, I was bringing her to the kindergarten and to bed at night, missing her at the office in the corporate world.

So, what does a mother in pain do? She leaves the corporate world to be there for her children, right? So yeah, I decided to become self-employed, thinking things would get better.

I was home, but then I had to build up a business, my brand and work on getting clients, on top of all the accounting and admin a solopreneur has to take care of. It was MORE work. ACK! That’s way overwhelming. I’ll never regret that decision to leave the corporate world, but I also wasn’t prepared for the amount of work being thrown at me either.

Conclusion: I was home, but just not ‘present’…

So I reached out to Jess and through my work with her, I realized that my burnout was not just from me being a workaholic and that it’s not just about being more present for my daughter, it’s about me understanding myself, how I roll, how others roll around me and learning how to react in a kind, compassionate and loving way instead of impulsively reacting on my triggers which made me quite judgmental at times.

You see, in my work, I witness a lot of pain and suffering done to animals and humans and I struggled with my own emotions.

During my work with Jess, I realized that my burnout was not just from me being a workaholic and that it’s not just about being more present for my daughter, it’s about me understanding myself, how I work, how others work around me and learning how to react in a kind and loving way instead of reacting on my triggers and becoming judgmental. In my work, I witness a lot of pain and suffering done to animals and humans and I struggled with my own emotions. It’s still a work in progress, but the seed that Jess planted has sprouted and will now be further nurtured.It’s still a work in progress, but the seed that she planted has sprouted and now will be further nurtured.

What I’ve also seen happening recently is that incredible connections and business opportunities are starting to come into my life. Without any – or very little – effort on my part.

Incredible clients and cooperations with amazing women are being presented to me who will bring me forward in my business and help me pursue my life’s purpose. I have noticed that things are really starting to rock and roll and this is incredible to witness!

Thanks Jess, you came to me at the right time and I’m forever grateful! ~ Jessica Lohmann

I am so very grateful for some really amazing breakthroughs with Jess, who does incredible work with the Enneagram! My default 3 type “The Achiever” can really keep me trapped in prison of needing outside validation to know that I am loved, and her work helped me reclaim my commitment to myself and life’s work without giving my power away to other people.

Definitely a continual practice for me to just BE and to trust that I am enough and that my heart is enough vs. working so very hard.

Love this stuff. Humbling & Freeing! Woo Hoooo! ~ Lisa Foster, 

Jess really helped me go into very deep emotions to find the root cause of my overwhelm. It wasn’t at all what I thought it was. I had been through many burn-out cycles after many years of over-serving in jobs and family.

Jess finally helped me create my schedule and set up my business in a way where it’s healthy for me to maintain my best energy levels.

I am so grateful for Jess!!! ~ Angie Kraft-Meldahl

Jess helped me peel back another layer of some old beliefs that needed to be cleared to make way for my truth. Working with her helped me see that although I thought I was doing a good job taking care of myself, I needed to put in more work as my energy level is directly related to allowing myself to fall back into old beliefs.

We worked together on a strategy to improve this, and I am excited to make this a regular practice! ~ Susan Golicic

“At first I was skeptical about whether working with Jess would really help. Years of ineffective, half-assed therapy (both for myself & my family) left me feeling like I was not going to improve.

My anger, depression, perfectionism, etc. were constantly overwhelming. I felt stuck and did not have direction & I was struggling with what the “root” cause of my issue was.

Goodness, was I wrong. The self-care work has scaffold-ed in such a way that each session builds from each other. At first, I was a little hesitant about the “homework” between sessions, but Jess really understands what is necessary to push through the walls I built for myself. I felt very little judgement as I explained how those were built and the ways it impacted my life. I felt accepted and embraced.

As a result of the healing work I did with Jess, I am also way more aware of my negative self-talk and behaviors. When we first began, I did not believe that I deserved time to take care of myself and was resentful that others I cared for did not return the kindness, a core value of mine. Since our work together, I realized that I am important to myself, which includes caring for my mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. I feel tapped into my “higher self” and allow it to guide me now. This helps me understand and cope with overwhelming emotions. I allow myself to flow with them, recognizing it is a part of my growth.

Ultimately, I am now able to trust again; myself, others, and in the “universe”. The words sound so hollow when spoken or written, but it’s the feeling in the core of my heart that was missing that’s not easily explained. Thank you, Jess!” ~ Chandra DeSimone

“I was asked by Jess to cater one of her retreats. I accepted the invitation and went on a Journey I had NO idea I was going on. In my mind, I was catering, making food for all the guests and worrying about executing all of it. I was asked to talk about the food and what it means to me………

The trigger went off and I found myself reaching into a place I hadn’t been in a really long time, remembering why I love cooking and why I do what I do and love it. From that moment I realized so much in such a small time frame, like seriously a minute for me to realize that I had let a lot of what makes me happy “go”. I was surrounded by women, or as I like to call them goddesses, they nurtured me and loved me and shared and cared and never was there a moment of judgment, which is something I fear.

Over the weekend Jess and Charmaine helped me dig deep and see the beauty that I am and that I am worth making time to self-care for myself because I haven’t in so long. Jess really helped me see that there is no magic to it, that it is ourselves that have the power to basically make or break us in every way you can think of, emotionally, physically, energetically……. she help me see and guide me to my inner self and see that I had so much love in the past for myself and I kind of left her in this crazy dark lonely closet with nothing to survive on, to the point of it affecting everything and everyone around me, I saw the old, real me and I missed her and was so happy to see her and have made a promise to myself to not put her in that closet again but to make sure she is the center of my room. Meaning putting myself as a priority and loving myself. I am literally falling in love with myself again and it’s one of the best feelings along with my family noticing it and making our family so tight net even more than we were before because of me just being open-hearted and taking the tools I already had but with the help of Jess learning how to use those tools….. they are powerful.

I beyond LOVE Jess and everything she has helped me with and continues to help me with. She is so magical with her healing ways that only goddesses maintain. I have never walked away from a doctor, therapist, natural healers of all sorts, feeling this great and like a direction to go…… she’s the real deal and the resources and her network of people around her supply everything you need to love yourself……. like really love yourself. I’m not wanting to sound conceited or big-headed like oh I love myself but I know it is truly important to love ourselves and make it a daily ritual and practice to not only make ourselves happy but the ripple effect is amazing and beautiful to see and experience. This is only the beginning and I am beyond stoked for this amazing ride I found the road to again!!

Thank You beyond words Jess for what you do and who you are and the light you shine. Namaste” ~ Ursula Blyth

Kerri Geary

Working with Jess Bonasso is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my self.  As I navigated my way through two extremely difficult years following a third cancer experience, Jess accompanied me by listening to my needs, affirming my actions, celebrating my successes, and questioning my long-held assumptions about my self.  

Before working with Jess, I had a difficult time fully expressing my needs and feelings to my loved ones.  Through deep respectful listening, clear reframing, and artful questioning, Jess helped me to articulate my own thoughts, beliefs, and desires and supported me in expressing them in an authentic way.

By working with Jess, I acquired a clear vision about what I wanted and needed in my life to regain my health and to be happy. I really appreciate Jess’ positive encouragement as well as her willingness to call me on the carpet when I wasn’t being honest with myself.

I highly recommend Jess and her services!!!  Thank you Jess! ~ Kerri Geary

I feel so much lighter!  Before our Emotional Release session, I felt as though I was bursting at the seams and could not even comprehend taking on anything else in my life right now.  I really wanted to accept new things but didn’t know where I was going to fit them into my life.  My backpack was already bursting at the zippers!

Taking a step back and not realizing that every little detail has to be absolutely perfect every single time has allowed space in my life.  I also feel like for the first time in a while I have a much more defined sense of direction that has allowed me to take off the blinders in my life and allow me to be open to new possibilities that I might have overlooked in the past.

Not only that, but it has given me direction for really taking a look deep inside of myself and have a better sense of understanding as to why I function the way I do and to be aware of how to change things to better myself. ~ Mark S.

I was a corporate professional in a high-pressure sales environment for years & although I was making great money, I was deeply unhappy because of an extremely toxic work environment & unsure of what direction to take my career in next.

When I started working with Jess, I had been struggling with chronic fatigue, depression, & digestive issues that made it difficult to eat without extreme pain & discomfort. I also felt stuck because I didn’t know the next logical step to take next in my career. All of the joy I had previously had for life was being zapped by my toxic work conditions & internal barriers that were leading me into burnout & physical health issues!

In just 3 short months of working with Jess, I reclaimed my energy, healed my digestive issues & gained the strength & courage to apply for & get hired for a new job with a company that took my career in a new direction & drastically improved my quality of life!

I can’t believe it!  I feel so much lighter and happier now.  My days are going better & when I’m triggered now, I am handling & looking at things from a totally different perspective, which has been life-changing. to say the least!

Thank you so much for helping me heal my life & resolve what wasn’t working! I will be forever grateful.

~ Julie W.

I really appreciated your patience and flexibility in working with me & I think that your Brave-Hearted Way Guide & Workbook is presented in a logical sequence in which the skills build on each other!

The questions you present are VERY thought provoking and facilitate so much introspection and possibilities for growth.

I really felt a true sense of accomplishment and benefit after completing this program!

~ Tami S.

“I’ve been working with Jess for over 2 months and what a difference it has made. If your looking for a personal growth platform that can help you an any area of your life, I can’t recommend this one enough. Or even if you just need some connection with people, it’s been a lonely past year!”

~ Amanda Vigil

After my abundance Journey session on Tuesday, my abundance has opened up wide.  I just signed a meeting client, I spoke with someone that is lookin for someone for 40 hours per month that I sent a quote to, Comcast I am going on to the final interview process and I have another discovery call on 2/1. Plus someone just let me a voicemail about my services. Thank you for the work you do!

~ Renee Orzechowski

I first met Jess in 2008 at a time when I was going through a very nasty divorce that was tearing down both my son and myself. After talking to Jess about how she can work with people to get through emotional difficulties, I decided to see what she could do for me.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect but when I showed up for my appointment but was quickly surprised at how comforting experience it was. After my experience, I had Jess work with my son. Had it not been for Jess’s amazing ability to work with people to remove blocks and anxiety, I’m not sure where I would be today.

If you need help with your life and who doesn’t? Call on Jess to help. If you are still uncertain about whether this is real, just Google Lance Fitzsimmons to get my contact info and I would be happy to talk to you in person. That is how much I believe in Jess and her ability to help others. ~ Lance Fitzsimmons

As a young single mother, with so many insecurities and past experiences that were truly holding me back in every aspect of my life , I feel the work with you transformed all of those areas. In particular when I had the sabotage release session, it was the first time I really felt like there was a hope for change. Often times, being a victim of abuse, you tend to lose hope in yourself. 

After that session, even the small changes I saw transforming that very day, I felt like I was living a new life. By working with you, I have overcome so many obstacles, such as: lack of trust, belief in myself as a mother, friend, sister, daughter, lack of confidence, and just simply not fearing change anymore. Through our sessions and the different recommended resources, you have really helped me find myself, and for the first time in 10+ years I feel worthy. I often describe you as my holistic therapist. The fact that you truly connected to me as a person, gave me your full attention in every session, and treated me with such compassion, I will be forever changed.  

Jess I could honestly never repay you enough for all that you have given me. I know our work isn’t completely done, but for now I am ready to start my journey. Cannot wait to share the successes that are waiting for me & I forever grateful! ~ Danielle P.

Jess did in two sessions what no doctor has been able to help me with in over 50 years! Not only was I relieved of a physical condition I’ve had since I was a child but I also lost my cravings for sugar (I’ve lost 6 lbs already!), my physical pain has diminished, & I’m walking for exercise again, something I haven’t been able to do for some time now. Additionally, my confidence has grown & I now speak my truth more effectively than ever before!  What I loved about Jess is that she is so capable of bringing out the old memories that were holding me back and the qualities that were most important for me to learn about myself which was to love, have courage, and strength. She has a way of becoming your very best friend in these sessions, which made it very easy for me to express myself openly & get to the emotional root cause of the physical pain that was holding me back! ~ Mary S.

If you are looking for a life coach to help you direct the way you want to go in life. I highly recommend Jess. She has helped me tremendously in my life, she is the reason why I have gotten to where I am now. She is fair, honest, dependable and 100% authentic, Jess has helped me get through tough decisions in my life, things that were crowding my thinking and helped me move on from hurtful memories, thoughts that were holding me back. When I started with Jess, I knew that if I wanted my business and my personal life to flourish I needed to better the person I was and Jess does exactly that for me and for the rest of her clients. Check her out! ;)  ~ Fina Summerville (303) 842-1656

Working with Jess has been an eye-opening experience!

There are limiting beliefs that we all have that hold us back from reaching our potential. We are all programmed from a young age to think a certain way and act a certain way.

Jess helped my work through those beliefs and help me unveil the root of the problems!

~ Brian McCurdy (720) 988-8952

I go back to the fact that I know myself better than anyone else.  And that I’ve always known what’s right for me and what should be done in certain situations.  The biggest take-away by going through this process is that now I have conviction with that truth.  I do not fear that truth and I stand committed to voice my truth. ~ Janine F.

I have noticed a huge shift in my emotional experiences. I feel most importantly the shift in myself. I am kinder to myself, my feelings, and my overall physical being. I notice lately my patience with everyone has shifted big time. I get less frustrated with people that normally take me to a negative place. I’ve worked with a therapist in the past, and I felt it was really cold and monotonous. There was something pure and natural about the environment of this session. There is something about your genuine spirit that allowed me to open up. I’ve never heard of, or experienced anything like it. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Danielle P.  (781) 771-3405

Jess was very easy to talk with and open up to.  I have one a lot of personal growth work before our session and she acknowledged that.  The biggest gift I recieved from my time with her was clarity.  She validates the work I have already done and helped me see that I was on the right track for my life!  Really that’s the best result I could of have!!!  I would highly recommend getting together with Jess and seeing what is revealed. ~Renee G.

I am a financial professional in the Denver area for 7 years now and even before that career, I have always sought out powerful tools of self-growth because I reside to the philosophy that anyone can do anything that they want in this world… but you can do it faster learning from the leaders and masters that preceded us. That is the definition of evolution right?

Jess is a master and a leader in her field. Nobody I have met has put in the time and personal energy to achieve the level that she currently possesses and she is always looking for ways to improve. Every time I work with her I enter feeling that I already know what she is going to tell me and every time I have been wrong.  Each time is a new step in awareness and a leap towards my personal goals.

Personally I feel that I am a better communicator, leader, presenter, and motivator (all the things I want!) Confidence is way up! Understanding of myself is getting clearer every day! Handling situations, good or bad, and taking the most out of it is a tremendous tool for me now. I continue to grow, experiment, evaluate, and course-correct all the time. I am nowhere near perfect or who I want to ultimately be but I am on my way because I can see it and feel it!

I believe that understanding ourselves, our roles in this universe, and the impact we have on each other is the key to a better world! Jess is providing all of this to one soul at a time. I don’t think that I will ever get to the point where I feel that there is nothing more I can learn from her. Definitely take advantage of her complimentary session and be serious about making a change. Thank you so very much Jess! ~ Christian A Ziska

Jess’s approach to sabotage release was warm, inviting, safe and peaceful.  It was such a different experience with her compared to other therapies.  I saw a significant change in myself right after the session and have been able to apply the tools she shared in my daily life.  Her support through the process and the follow up after have been so profound and she gives such gentle reminders of the lovely work we did together.  ~ Charmaine Stattman

I just wanted to let you know what a positive impact you had on my friend who’s wife just tragically passed away. I was not aware until last week that he had a session with you but before I knew that, I saw a very positive change in him. He does attribute the positivity to his session with you. Thank you for helping my friend. I know that he will continue to have ups and downs but in recent weeks, there has been some positive change in his actions. Thanks again, Jess! ~ Augustina E

I have definitely noticed a real difference in my interactions with people. It just seems like there is much more willing to communicate between me and others. It’s almost like before there was a hesitation by people I would meet to really let it flow, but that my interactions now are clean and honest and the hesitation is not there. I believe the cuts I was holding onto deep down were projecting all the way up into the person that I was on the outside, and that the signal it was sending to others made them uneasy around me. It is now behind me and for that, I am very grateful. ~ Zac W.

Jess has an amazing ability to set the ambiance for her class in a warm and welcoming way while adding so many personal touches for each individual. She is very in tune with the gentle style of Yoga and all that it encompasses; this is beautifully balanced with challenging and empowering her students. The deep passion for self-care and caring for others is the first thing I noticed about Jess. Others benefit from this as she is keenly aware of her students’ needs and is incredibly supportive, encouraging and fluid throughout the entire session. To learn from Jess is to open a door to endless gifts to yourself! ~ Allison M.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me get through a tough time in my childhood that leads to many other challenges in my life.  I am grateful I was given your name and number AND  I am most grateful for your wonderful ability to help me see things differently.   I have to admit, TRULY SAY, I am being me.  I feel good about me!  I am happy and wanted to let  you know I can’t thank you enough for just starting my journey in the right direction.  I know I have a long way to go, and I will only learn to become a better person and serve others. You know the biggest challenge for me to overcome was….spending time with me.  Honoring me, and journaling and thinking about my day.  I NEVER did that before, until I met you.  So from the bottom of my heart, I am truly grateful to have met you and look forward to a wonderful journey together. ~ Kimberly G.

Jess has really opened up my eyes to see my life from a different perspective. I used to just be unhappy with a certain aspect of my life and just complain about it. Now, I look at a specific area, for example my physical environment, and see how happy I am with it and how I could improve it and make it even better. I never realized how much all the different areas in our life affect our overall happiness and that with time and patience, we can have the life we have dreamed of. Thank you to Jess for being so supportive and understanding! And for helping me brainstorm ideas! The last couple of months have been amazing! I look forward to all our sessions as it is always a learning experience and such a gift! :) ~ Kristine K.

I got more out of my three Journey sessions than I have out of 3 years of psychotherapy! ~ Stacy S

Maureen and I both enjoyed your class this week.  We both felt so safe and didn’t feel any intimidation that you sometimes feel in yoga classes.  We also loved your teachings in the class; it just felt different and beautiful.   We’ve taken several classes both at Yoga Oasis and beyond but have never felt as relaxed and complete as after yours. ~ Jody C.

I can’t even articulate how great it felt to completely blast my mom and grandfather. I had a picture of my deceased grandfather on my dresser and I was so angry at him, I had to take it down. I was able to put it back up after the session and not be charged by it any longer. In addition, I am not nearly as charged by my mom. I know she did her best raising me and have to accept her for that. AND my relationship with myself and my body has shifted too. That is an incredible amount of healing and change for a couple hours. I strongly believe in the power of Journey Work and would consider incorporating into my life in the future!! ~ Rachel B.

This process is so personal and so perfect for the moment and the issue that has risen to the surface. I’d like to say that I find you a natural at doing this work. ~Val B

I got more out of just one Journey session than I’ve gotten out of the last year in therapy!~Kate J.

After the first Kid’s Journey session my son Conrad went from a 10-15/day score on his daily behavior chart with a lot of headaches for us, to a 35-45/day score! As a retired 25 year Chiropractor, I find the results of your work to be incredibly profound and startling to say the least.  You discovered this child’s hurdles in just one visit.  I can only say “WOW”  and Thank you for your help! ~John E.

I had no concrete idea of what to expect and went into this with an open mind, yet also a nervous mind. I was surprised at what came up and you helped me through some issues from 1986-1995 that I had just never dealt with! After we were done with our session, I felt that I had seriously dealt with some old pain that had not been addressed in my therapy sessions. I look forward to our next session and I also appreciate your after support! ~Susan K.