About Jess

Hello there, beautiful one! :)

My name is Jess Bonasso, also known as the Self Rescue Goddess, & I’ve been a Brave Life Catalyst & Self-Rescue coach, author & speaker who has been empowering worn out wonder women in need of self-rescue since 2007.

Prior to that, I was a high-achieving corporate-climbing IT Manager leading a huge team of developers & working an average of 50+ hours a week… all while going to school to get my bachelor & master’s degrees at the age 27!

Needless to say, I worked super hard & operated heavily in my masculine energy throughout most of my 20’s.

Having been raised by my hard-working single father from a very young age, I grew up believing that in order for me to be successful I would have to work hard & be just as task, action, & goal-oriented as he was to get where I wanted to go.

Because he didn’t know himself, he was unable to teach me a thing about how to work smart OR the importance of balance, self-care & self-rescue.

Being task, action & goal-oriented paid off though because I gained a lot of recognition, won a lot of awards & made really great money for all of my hard work during my corporate career!

That said, I was working & going to school so many hours at the same time that it literally drained my energy stores & sucked the life right out of me.

So much so it led me into physical, emotional & mental breakdown that was so bad it turned into burnout & become a proverbial midlife crisis & dark night of the soul experience that came to a full head in my early 30’s.

Yowza! That’s a pretty young age to have a meltdown & midlife crisis, don’t you think?

As a result, I started doing my work to unravel what wasn’t working & that’s when I learned about the Journey Method® which miraculously helped me heal the physical back pain & anger management issues I’d been working on for years.

It also helped me realize how unhappy I was in the corporate world, which led me to the decision to leave my high-stress corporate job to start a business that I thought would give me the freedom & flexibility to take better care of myself.

At first it was great, but you know what?

Within 2 years, I was worn out, exhausted & frustrated that my workplace change of scenery hadn’t helped me overcome my burnout.

It was then that I realized it wasn’t my career wearing me out.


Instead, it was the way in which I was working & the mindset I was approaching my work from that was the problem.

It wasn’t all the external factors that were sabotaging me…

It was actually the limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, ego patterns, & trauma imprinting from my childhood that was making it difficult to work smart, set boundaries with my time & manage my energy effectively.

Fortunately, this was the final wakeup call I needed & where I finally committed to healing my life once & for all.

In fact, I’m SO very grateful for those early experiences in the workforce because the pain & struggle that I went through at that time is ultimately what woke me up from the hard-working, ignorant mindset, patterns, & behaviors I was operating so heavily from, all of which became the catalyst that forced me to take back control of the mental blocks & saboteurs that were ruining my life!

The pain of the past also pushed me to pursue a self-rescue solution to the burnout & strife I was experiencing, which ultimately led to me learning the real cause of my burnout AND provided me with answers & a solution to burnout that ultimately healed my life & set me free.

The New Midlife Crisis

It took me years before I realized that what I was struggling with in my 20’s & early 30’s was actually a severe case of burnout, which I’ve now been researching & healing in my own life for almost 20 years now.

In fact, Ada Colhoun wrote an article about The New Midlife Crisis for Women on Oprah Winfrey’s website states:

Nearly 60 percent of women in their 40’s describe themselves as stressed out & more than 1 in 5 women are on antidepressants. An awful lot of these middle-aged women feel furious, overwhelmed & like the deck is stacked against them.”

Well guess what?

The feelings of stress, overwhelm & despair described above is a recipe for disaster AND it’s not only happening for women in their 40’s… it’s happening for working women of ALL ages.

So let me let you in on a little secret…

Burnout typically begins as chronic stress, overwhelm, & exhaustion.

If left unchecked it can eventually lead to physical or emotional health issues that can become dire in nature & lead to extreme unhappiness or worse… a midlife crisis or dark night of the soul experience.

The worst part?

Getting to the root cause of burnout is often difficult because most of us are only treating our symptoms of stress, anxiety, & depression with medication, alcohol, shopping, or some other kind of avoidance activity that keeps us numb, stuck, & more & more miserable every day!

What actually makes the BIGGEST difference overall is a mindset & lifestyle assessment & re-design that empowers you to identify the cellular root cause of any burnout, strife or strife you might be struggling with (which typically has more to do with inner saboteurs such as unhealthy behaviors, limiting beliefs, toxic thoughts, dis-empowering ego patterns, & any physical or emotional dis-ease you might be dealing with).

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there & I figured out a way to heal my life & set myself free using powerful transformation tools & resources that I’ve worked with & created for myself & others over the years.

In fact, I’ve learned a LOT about how to free myself of burnout, strife & sacrifice.

I’ve learned how to work smart (vs. hard) & today I am running a thriving & successful business that allows me to fulfill my deepest dreams & desires WITHOUT all the hard work, effort & strife from my younger years.

I am blessed every day to wake up & teach my clients how to awaken, strengthen & unleash the hero within through radical self-growth, cellular self-healing & radiant self-care, something I consider to be the very essence of my life’s purpose & reason for being here.

I’m also able to set much better boundaries with my time which allows me to take WAY better care of myself than I did in my 20’s & 30’s, allowing me to be much more loving, kind, patient & happier overall!

I’m also way more resilient when stress is high & I am able to maintain and restore my energy AND my composure with far greater ease than ever before.

Not only that, but I can quickly & easily course-correct whenever life throws me a curve ball… all of which has led to far greater happiness, energy, joy, ease & grace in my life!

The most important shift?

I’ve learned how to transform any pain that arises into gratitude, growth & grace, something I teach others how to do every single day. :)

So how did I achieve all of this?

I accomplished all of this through what I call the 3 keys to self-rescue, which are as follows:

  1. Grow your power using an ancient & powerful spiritual growth & personal development system called the Enneagram, which will help you identify what no longer serves you & give you confidence & clarity on the path of growth that will help you stand more fully in your power.
  2. Heal your life with a powerful form of cellular memory release therapy called The Journey Method® which will help you unravel & heal the cellular root cause of any emotional, physical, or mental self-sabotage that you might be struggling with.
  3. Thrive with ease with a personalized self-rescue compass & road map to brave-hearted courage, authenticity & wholeness that teaches you how to live, love, lead & work in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout, stress or strife & allows you to operate from a place of power, ease & grace in your life.

With the 3 keys to self-rescue in place, you’ll be able to unravel & heal self-sabotage & you’ll learn the fundamental basics for rescuing, fueling & mastering yourself at a cellular level so you can heal your life & reclaim your power.


What would it be like to have the knowledge, tools & resources that provide you with the following benefits?

  • Burnout Prevention & Recovery
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Radical Self-Growth
  • Cellular-Memory Healing
  • Resiliency & Self-Care Empowerment
  • Mindset Re-Design
  • Lifestyle Re-Design
  • Business Re-Design
  • Physical & Emotional Healing
  • Freedom from Self-Sabotage
  • Soulful Self-Mastery
  • Passion & Purpose Discovery
  • Prosperity Acceleration

As Brene Brown states in an article she wrote called The Midlife Unraveling about the challenges of being a woman going through hard times, crisis & distress…

Midlife is not a crisis. Midlife is an unraveling.

By definition, you can’t control or manage an unraveling. You can’t cure the midlife unraveling with control any more than the acquisitions, accomplishments, and alpha-parenting of our thirties cured our deep longing for permission to slow down and be imperfect.

Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear:

I’m not screwing around. All of this pretending and performing—these coping mechanisms that you’ve developed to protect yourself from feeling inadequate and getting hurt—has to go. Your armor is preventing you from growing into your gifts. I understand that you needed these protections when you were small. I understand that you believed your armor could help you secure all of the things you needed to feel worthy and lovable, but you’re still searching and you’re more lost than ever. Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think. You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through your veins. You were made to live and love with your whole heart. It’s time to show up and be seen.

Isn’t it time to let go of all the armor, fears & insecurity you’ve been carrying?

If so, I can teach you how to grow your courage, heal your life & thrive with ease so you can unravel what’s no longer serving you & live a life that you love with far more ease & grace than you ever thought possible.

All this & more can be yours when you say YES to YOU!

Who Can Benefit

Do you resonate with any of the following?

  • You’re a burned-out, business-building woman experiencing success but feeling deeply unsupported & exhausted from over-working, inundated with too many responsibilities because you’re stilling wearing way too many hats of the business owner.
  • You’re a stressed-out, stretched-thin super mom who works by day & takes care of everything (& everyone else!) at night, feeling overwhelmed & exhausted because there’s simply no time to catch a breath much less take care of yourself.
  • You’re a high-achieving, corporate-climbing professional woman who is always on the go with no downtime whatsoever because you’re busy climbing the corporate ladder, proving your value & your worth while guiding & supporting those that work for you.
  • You’re an over-giving, self-sacrificing woman in healthcare or a healer on a mission to heal the world, saving others day & night and drained of energy because of how much you give to help others & frustrated because there’s simply never any time left to save & take care of yourself, much less recoup your own energy stores.
  • You’re a high-reaching woman of impact, influence or success who’s wondering & worried whether all this hard work was worth it because you’ve lost connection with the other parts of life that bring you joy or peace, which has you questioning yourself, your mission, your purpose & your work.

Regardless of which one or more of the above you resonate with, you are serving, saving & supporting others, be it within your family, your clients, your company or business, your industry, or the world!

And no matter which of the above scenarios resonates with you more, the problem & the reality is that you’re worn out & exhausted. You’re tired of working your fingers to the bone, the daily grind & not having enough time for you.

The truth is… it’s time to start living, loving, leading & working in a new way that doesn’t sacrifice your soul, sanity or health.

And in order to do that, you will have to face & heal the self-sabotage that holds you back & identify the path of growth, healing & success that will take you where you want to go without abandoning yourself in the process.

That said, in order for you to create REAL sustainable change in your life, the following accelerators for success will need to be in place:

  • You’re ready to take personal responsibility for your life because you’re finally ready to become your very own hero.
  • You’re open-minded & curious about yourself & about life.
  • You’re willing to learn & grow from your mistakes.
  • You possess a high level of belief in yourself & what’s possible in life.
  • You’re willing to take consistent & deliberate action over a period of time
  • You’re fully committed to yourself & changing what doesn’t work in your life.
  • You’re willing to ask for support so that you don’t have to do it all alone.

With all of the above in place & a desire to become your very own hero, you will greatly accelerate your ability to master the art of self-rescue & create a new vision for success that fuels & excites you (vs. drains & depletes you).

Are You Ready to Save Yourself?

If you’re ready to jumpstart your own self-rescue, the very first step is to take yourself through the complimentary self-rescue assessment I’m offering below which will help you identify & assess where you are now, what you truly desire & anything that might be standing in your way or holding you back.

PLUS! You’ll also discover the 3 keys to self-rescue & learn the secret to thriving in a way that actually fuels and excites you (vs. drains and depletes you)!

Are you ready to master the art of self-rescue?

Here’s to becoming your very own hero! :)