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Jess has been offering high-energy & highly-interactive professional speaking services & training programs that are both transformational and motivational since 2007!

Since that time, she has successfully created & led a multitude of motivational presentations, workshops, tele-seminars, seminars, & retreats.

She also knows how to powerfully lead a presentation or training for any kind of networking, social, corporate or conference event (see some of the organizations in the past that she’s spoken to below)!

In addition, Jess truly understands what it takes to create an interactive & comfortable experience for her audience so that they can relax, learn & embody the material at a cellular-level.

Are you ready for Jess to work with YOUR group…?!

img_8231Below is a list of the signature presentations & workshops that Jess is currently offering:

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To hear a sample of Jess’s presentation style & area of expertise, check out the presentations, podcasts & interviews she’s participated in below:

Soul Sister Conversation with Lisa White & Jess Bonasso

We highlight the importance of self-care, mindset, and trust that we’re always being divinely guided. Learn about the difference between a fixed mindset and growth mindset. See the challenges, obstacles, and setbacks you may be experiencing in your fertility journey in a whole new light!

Click HERE or on the photo to the left to listen in to this powerful interview!

The Midlife Makeover Summit: Rising Above Self-Sabotage to Embrace Self-Rescue

The Bravehearted Way: Saving Women from Burnout and Self-Sacrifice with Jess Bonasso

A very special interview with a client & dear friend of mine, Angela Gentile, on the Empowered Millennials podcast on how to overcome burnout & self-sacrifice! Click HERE or on the photo to the left to listen in to this powerful interview!

The Modern-Day Kryptonite That’s Wiping Out Super Woman!

Energy Management 101 for the Worn Out Wonder Woman 

for the SecondAct BizLifeCon in Fall 2020, an event hosted for women over 40 & 50 who are ready to step into & own their second act in life!

Expert Interview with the Self Love Diva

with Jacqueline Ortiz, also known as the Self Love Diva, is a Self-Love, Dating and Empowerment Mentor who interviewed me as an expert for her Love & Relationship Summit in 2019 on the topic of healing from within so that you can be healthy in your relationships with others.

Energize Your Life! 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Every Day

In addition to the above interview with Krystal Covington of Women of Denver, I’ve also led several presentations, been a panelist for several quarterly networking events, & contributed an article on how to Energize Your Life! 3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Every Day in the Summer 2018 Women of Denver Magazine (p. 9) which can be viewed here.

Dream Visions 7 Radio Network

And finally, click here to listen to a 60-minute interview on the Dream Visions 7 Radio Network with host Lora Plank-Cheadle with tips and techniques for addressing burnout, such as setting better boundaries, and giving tips on practicing realistic self-care!

The Soul-Shaking Love Summit

This is an interview I had with Valerie Greene, a relationship coach & love expert who helps women inspire their husband or boyfriend to deeper love and intimacy, during her Soul-Shaking Love Summit in September 2017 on the topic on How to Break Free From Burnout for Life!

How to Break Through Barriers & Recondition Yourself for Success!

Offered at a Mile High Businesses Honoring Spirituality event

What Raving Fans Have to Say

Amazing presentation tonight. She blew my mind! I will be forever changed. Thank you! ~Theodocia Michaels Boylean

Thank you Jess!! I really enjoyed meeting you last night and sitting in on your seminar. It seriously couldn’t have come at a better time in my life and has fueled me with energy again! I look forward to trying your yoga class as well. It may not be until mid-June as I’m traveling a bunch between now and then, but I will be there! I look forward to seeing you at another Women in Denver event soon. Thank you or all the information! ~ Becky Migas

Thank you so much for sharing with us today. Your energy is magnetic. I learned a ton & I loved the graphics on your Power point presentation. ~ Debbie W.

Thank you soooo much for a wonderful & thought-provoking presentation! I have been on a journey pursuing healing, leaning self-care & about energy preservation as well as other personal growth and development! I learned so much & very much enjoyed your presentation! ~ Merianne G.

I’m so glad you presented! I am leaving with a lot of take-aways – including the reminder that I’m a highly sensitive personal & i need to manage that better. Thank you for your greatness! ~ Lori Heisler

Organizations, Events & Conferences I’ve spoken at:

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Here’s to you becoming your very own hero! :)