Are You Ready to Heal Your Shadow?


[ hēl ]


1. to make free from injury or disease : to make sound or whole: to heal a wound

2. to make well again : to restore to health

3. to cause (an undesirable condition) to be overcome : MEND

4. to patch up or correct (a breach or division) with another

5. to become free from injury or disease : to return to a sound state

Do you have shadow aspects of yourself that sabotages or limits your greatness in some way?

Believe it or not, being able to identify, face, unravel & resolve the shadow aspects of your life is where your freedom lies.

In fact, one of the secrets to creating a life that you LOVE is to bravely face & resolve any unhealthy trauma imprints, fears, beliefs, patterns or behaviors that hold you back!

Fortunately, there are powerful tools available that can make a dramatic difference in how long it can take for you to process, heal & resolve what no longer serves you.

Using the power of the Enneagram you can discover the underlying core fears that led to the trauma, beliefs, patterns or behaviors holding you back.

From there, there is a very powerful form of cellular memory release therapy called the Journey Method®, which is a simple guided visualization process that can transform & heal any saboteur you might be dealing with, from the inside out!

Originally created years ago by a woman named Brandon Bays when she healed herself of a tumor the size of a small basketball, she was able to turn her spontaneous healing process into what later became what’s known as the Journey Method® & is still being used around the world to help people all over the world heal at the physical, mental & emotional levels.

If you’d like to learn more about her journey & hear powerful testimonials from around the world, be sure to check her website & all the powerful testimonials of those who have benefited from this work by clicking HERE.

So what makes the Journey Method® different from other forms of therapy & trauma release work?

The process works at the cellular root level allowing you to process, release & heal painful patterns, habits, & experiences from your past that hold you back today.

It’s also deeply experiential in nature, which yields profound results because you’re not just “talking” about what happened… you’re actually going back in time & healing whatever pain was put in place at that time.

And finally, it also radically transforms dis-empowering thoughts, feelings, & beliefs that have been sabotaging your success & re-frames what happened in a way that raises your vibration & helps you to heal & evolve physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually!

Believe it or not, the key to clearing self-sabotage at the root level is to reclaim those past experiences as opportunities for growth that allows you to gain clarity, wisdom, gratitude, understanding & forgiveness of all that happened so that you can move on & heal your life once & for all!

The Real Problem

So why do we self-sabotage?

As we go through life, we have experiences both negative & positive that unconsciously shape our beliefs, behaviors, & interactions with others.

Who you are NOW is a direct correlation to the programming, conditioning & trauma-imprinting of your past experiences.

Whether you like it or not, unconscious programming, beliefs, behaviors, interactions, & trauma of both your past AND present can greatly affect how you choose to handle life lessons & experiences that come your way!

If left unconscious & unaddressed, this kind of programming can begin to take its toll & show up in any of the following ways:

  • Chronic Stress & Anxiety (physical, mental, & emotional)
  • Panic Attacks/Phobias
  • Deep-Seated Fears (not being good enough, a failure, success, unlovability, abandonment, rejection, not being smart enough, not being unique/just like everyone else, safety, not being supported, vulnerability, conflict, etc…)
  • Limiting Beliefs (deep-seated beliefs that come from programming & conditioning
  • Bad Habits (procrastination, addictive behaviors, distractions, obsessive compulsive behaviors, etc…)
  • Unhealthy Vows (deep-seated beliefs that make you feel you can NEVER be/do/have/achieve what you desire)
  • Toxic Thoughts (Failure Mentality, Victim Mentality, Scarcity/Lack Mentality, suicidal)
  • Deadly Emotions (depression, sadness, stress, anger, rage, resentment, overwhelm, shame, guilt, etc…)
  • Physical Health Dis-ease (digestive issues, organ dysfunction, exhaustion/fatigue, ADD/ADHD, cancer, tumors, tension, degeneration, etc..)
  • Chronic Stress or Overwhelm (over-commitment, hyper-sensitivity, hyper-vigilance, hyper-distracted, etc…)
  • Addictive Behaviors (smoking, drinking, caffeine, sugar, salt, soda, fast food, social media, etc…)
  • Disintegrated Ego/Personality Patterns & Fixations (over-critical, over-giving, over-achieving, over-dramatizing, over-withdrawal, over-analyzing, over-adventurous, over-aggressive, overly passive, etc…)
  • Blocks to Abundance (Giving/Receiving, Lack/Scarcity, Nurture/Growth)
  • Un-resolved Trauma (PTSD, physical/mental/verbal/sexual abuse, abandonment, neglect, etc…)
  • Disconnection to Higher Self (operating out of Human Animal or Human Ego behaviors)
  • …and many, many more!

As you can see by the list above, all of these can create a lot of physical, mental & emotional suffering.

After all, your body is a barometer for your soul!

Sadly, most people ignore what their body is telling them & when left unchecked or unaddressed, all of the above can lead you into burnout, stress, strife or worse… PHYSICAL DIS-EASE.

Which of course can prevent us from embracing our greatness, living in joy, & creating a life that we truly love!

Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.


The Cellular Solution

To heal the pain of the past, you must face & process the emotions, core fears & trauma-imprinting that’s still unresolved so that the cell receptors in your body can open & release that imprinting once & for all.

So how do you open up the cell receptors in your body?

Dr. Candace Pert, a well-known author of Molecules of Emotion & a cellular biologist, discovered that whenever we have an intense, powerful emotion that we repress or shut down, specific chemical changes take place in our bodies.

These changes can affect certain cell receptors, blocking those cells from communicating with the other cells in our bodies & increasing the likelihood for disease to occur.

Supporting evidence has also been found by Deepak Chopra, M.D. & author of Quantum Healing, who believes that as cells regenerate, cellular memory gets carried into each new generation of cells.

If there is a negative life experience that was not resolved or dealt with in a healthy way, the negative imprint in that cellular memory CAN lead to emotional & physical dis-ease in the body over time. It can also put into place the self-sabotage behaviors we engage in to handle many of life’s challenges.

Opening the cell receptors in a way that heals trauma imprinting can often be accomplished by learning how to express your emotions, forgive, & gain wisdom from past setbacks & mistakes.

Fortunately, the Journey Method® is a powerful process to add to your self-rescue toolbox tool that will allow you to do just that!

To learn more about my own personal story of transformation, check out the 2 videos listed below.

In them I share how the Journey Method® helped me heal my own life & how it also gave me the courage to walk away from a soul-sucking career into a business that I love where I’ve been standing in my power & serving worn out wonder women since 2007.

The Journey Method® was completely life-changing for me & gave me the tools, self-awareness & skills to face daily what no longer serves me.

What a wonderful gift of courage, authenticity & wholeness that I get to teach & pass along this to others now! :)

Now that you’ve learned about the Enneagram, the Journey Method® & how both can help you heal your life, the only thing that’s left is for you to decide…

Are you ready to take personal responsibility for the life you’re trying to create?

And wouldn’t it be amazing if you really could become the master of your own fate & destiny?

If you’re ready to learn how to live, love, lead & work in a brave-hearted way that helps you thrive in all areas of life without burnout, stress & strife, I invite you to take brave action today, dear one.

Are You Ready to Save Yourself?

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Included in free gift is an Enneagram Assessment that will help you better understand what’s driving your habits, patterns & behaviors AND provide you with a customized road map to courage, authenticity & wholeness.

Here’s to you becoming your very own hero! :)