The Brave-Hearted Sisterhood

Are You Ready for Soulful Sisterhood & Self-Rescue Support?

If you’re a hard-working, high-reaching wonder woman who’s been craving conscious coaching, conversations, community & connection, this self-rescue membership community is for you!

Not only is this a place for you to learn how to own your power, your purpose & your life but you’ll also experience conscious coaching, conversations, community & connection with other high-reaching wonder women who want to make a difference in the world without burning themselves out in the process.

In this self-rescue membership community, you’ll be encouraged, uplifted & supported to live on purpose & love your life in a way that leads to brave-hearted courage, authenticity & wholeness.

For a detailed description of all the monthly benefits you’ll receive & your investment this monthly membership, see below:

1st Wednesday at 12-1 pm MT | Intention Circle – Identify the #1 thing you want to work on for the month along with the support & action that’s needed to help you bring it into reality over the month ahead.

2nd Wednesday at 12-1 pm MT | Rescue Circle – Receive guidance, coaching & support around any area of your life where you wish to improve your situation or shine in some way. Those participating in one of the Brave-Hearted Year programs can also ask questions about any of the content inside of the Brave-Hearted Way online training program during this time as well.

3rd Wednesday at 12-1 pm MT | Wisdom Circle – Gain insight & wisdom on how to own your power, your purpose & your life in brave-hearted feminine ways that fuel & excite you (vs. drain & deplete you).

4th Wednesday at 12-1 pm MT | Growth Circle – Gain gratitude, growth & grace as you assess your progress, learn from your mistakes & identify the support & brave actions that will correct what’s not working in your life.

5th Wednesday at 12-1 pm MT | Release CircleIdentification, support & release of any obstacle, self-sabotage or challenge you might be facing that prevents you from standing in your power or becoming your true authentic self.

*NOTE: that all of the above sisterhood circles are facilitated through Zoom Video Conference for your comfort, ease & convenience.

You’ll also get to be part of a private community on Facebook where you can ask questions, receive support & catch up on any missed sessions that you can’t attend!

All of the above is designed to help you learn how to master the art of self-rescue with a community of women who have your back & want to see you shine & succeed in the world.

You no longer have to try & save yourself all on your own!

Are You Ready to Say YES to YOU?

To learn more about the Brave-Hearted Sisterhood membership, simply sign up for a complimentary 60-minute Brave Life Discovery Consult where we can discuss the results of your self-rescue assessment & discuss the various ways you can pay & play in the sandbox with self-rescue in your own life.

PLUS! You’ll also discover the 3 keys to self-rescue & learn the secret to thriving in a way that actually fuels and excites you (vs. drains and depletes you)!

Are you ready to master the art of self-rescue?

Here’s to becoming your very own hero! :)

Words of Praise

To help you learn more about the value others have received, take a moment to read the following words of praise from some of the amazing women who’ve experienced the community for themselves!

Jess’s Brave-Hearted Way program, her weekly sisterhood circles and her annual retreat allowed me to make tremendous changes in my life over the period of less than a year. 

When I started the program I was unhealthy, angry, and running a business that was successful but not my life’s calling. This program gave me the courage to quit my business and improve my life and I now, as a nonprofit consultant, I have amazing clients who share my values and I have time for myself, friends and family! 

Jess’s programs have helped me in the following ways:

  • The Brave-Hearted Way Program allowed me to focus on my core values and build a business around them, along with providing tools for how to get past limiting beliefs and energy drains. 
  • The weekly sisterhood circle keeps me focused on my values and goals and the members provide accountability.
  • The retreat allowed me the time to focus on my creative vision for the future and how to get there. 

I’d highly recommend all three of these programs but if you are interested in learning more you can start with the weekly sisterhood circle, which is just an hour per week and very affordable!

~ Carlie Ransom (303) 993-9610

“I’ve been in Jess’s sisterhood for over 2 months and what a difference it has made. If you’re looking for a personal growth platform that can help you an any area of your life, I can’t recommend this one enough!”

~ Amanda Vigil

I can’t thank Jess enough for the power she brought to my soul. I owe so much of my eyes being open, my rooted-ness, my alignment to her. I was in and out of therapy, many a misdiagnosis, so much invalidation and dismissal that I really struggled to balance my life, constantly thinking something was wrong with me. I moved from burnt out, crying, overwhelmed to being complete within myself and thriving with my business. I would not be here if it wasn’t for her love, pulling me up and out of the wreckage of my own ego, frustration and patterns. Through Jess’s program, I was able to break out of my own toxic cycles and get rooted into what I wanted, who I was and stand strong in my own life’s purpose. Thank you, Jess!

~ Angela Kraft-Meldahl

Jess is a master of self-care and knows intuitively how to create a safe, nurturing space for women to connect, open up and support each other.

The manner in which she facilitates is immersed in empathy, compassion and care…she knows how to work with and direct the flow so that women not only receive something of value for themselves but also feel heard, seen and empowered.

I highly recommend anything Jess creates for she truly knows what it means to care for herself and her fellow goddesses.

~Mary Williams

And, if you’re ready to learn how to live, love & lead in a way that doesn’t cause you to sacrifice your soul, sanity or health ONE moment longer, you can also take your very first step toward brave-hearted wholeness TODAY with the following GIFT from my heart to yours: