Why Women Are More Prone To Burnout Than Men

Why Women Are More Prone To Burnout Than Men

Over the past year, what percentage of the time have you felt stressed out, overwhelmed or exhausted?

If it’s more than 50% of the time, you might be struggling with burnout, which was only recently added to the DSM-IV (the manual health providers use to diagnose & treat their patients) as an official medical diagnosis back in 2019.

Burnout as a condition, however, has been happening for FAR longer than that!

Defined by the World Health Organization as “a syndrome that is caused by chronic workplace stress that can lead to serious physical, mental & emotional health concerns”, burnout has only gotten worse over the years & is now occurring in epidemic proportions more than ever before.

So who is most at risk for burnout, what causes it, and what can be done about it?

Virtually anyone can suffer from burnout but based on my own research & all the clients I’ve worked with (both men & women!) over the past 16 years, women traditionally have higher complaints & rates of burnout than men across the board.

In fact, according to a recently updated article on Important Burnout Stats, Trends & Facts 2022 (April 2022), 32% of women said they were consistently burned out at work in 2020, while only 28% of men reported feeling burned out.

This article also states that more than 50% of women in leadership positions CONSISTENTLY feel burned out, which is an unfortunate recipe for the physical, mental & emotional health issues that will eventually arise if left unaddressed.

So what’s causing this?

First & foremost, I don’t believe that burnout should be categorized as a workplace issue.

Yes, some of the most common factors that contribute to burnout are work-related & include working with difficult people, working in high-stress situations, and not maintaining a work-life balance.

All of these can cause women to sacrifice their soul, sanity & health but there is a deeper root cause that I think is important to look at if we want to contribute to a REAL solution that eliminates the burnout epidemic!

So what is the deeper root cause?

Because of the research I did for my sociology & psychology degree along with the healing & self-discovery work I’ve practiced with myself & my clients over the years, I’ve learned that burnout is actually WAY more sociological, patriarchal & generational in nature than it is situational.

What do I mean by that?

Take a moment to consider what the impacts below could have on how women show up at home & in the workplace:

  • Sociological Impact: This is the toxic programming & conditioning that comes from all the mixed signals women receive about where our place in society is. We’ve gone from being responsible for everything on the home front only to working full time while still managing a bulk of the unpaid labor at home that needs to be managed. Since entering the workforce, distribution of unpaid labor is often & still unequal, with one person (usually the woman in heterosexual relationships) taking on more than their fair share, even if that person is a woman & the primary bread-winner!
  • Patriarchal Impact: the trauma & oppression that comes from the historical inequity & inequality of women & the ambiguity of the aforesaid sociological programming & conditioning that causes us to over-achieve, over-work & over-give our time, energy & effort in an effort to prove our value, our worth & our equality.
  • Generational Impact: the trauma, programming & conditioning of all of the above that gets passed from one generation of women to the next & determines for each generation what being the “ideal perfect woman” should look like (even though a perfect human being has never existed & should never be seen as a sign of value, worth or equality).

Sadly, the ripple effect of this sociological programming & conditioning, patriarchal inequity & inequality, & generational trauma is ultimately what I believe shapes & forms our unique personalities & experiences.

And I believe all of the above is the root cause & REAL reason behind why women are experiencing burnout to such a high degree compared to men.

Consider this for a moment…

With the compulsion to prove our value, worth & equity, the pressure to be the “ideal perfect woman” & the last 2 years of the pandemic forcing us all to our breaking point, women are spread so thin that burnout is soaring to levels we’ve never seen before.

The good news about it all coming to a head like this is that I believe it can serve as a global wake–up call for all women that we learn how to master the art of self-rescue!

That’s right, ladies…

It’s time to step into our power & take responsibility for creating a new story & reality that corrects what hasn’t worked in the past & gives us permission to truly LOVE our life from a place of courage, authenticity & more importantly… wholeness. :) 

So back to the last question…

What can be done to address the root cause of burnout in women?

Because I’ve personally experienced burnout in both my corporate-climbing 20’s & my business-building 30’s, I learned the hard, slow way (through trial & error) how to reprogram & condition myself to live, love, lead & work in a way that fuels & excites me (vs. drains & depletes me).

It’s not been an easy self-rescue journey & at times, I wished I could just give up.

That said, I’ve learned some very valuable lessons along the way & found that there are 3 key commitments that will support you in your own self-rescue journey & empower you to live your life from a place of brave-hearted courage, authenticity & most importantly… WHOLENESS.

Want to know what those 3 commitments are?

In a nutshell…




In other words…

  1. GROW by facing & correcting what’s not working in your life.
  2. HEAL the programs, patterns & pain of the past that prevent or block your greatness.
  3. SHINE bright by living, loving, leading & working in a brave-hearted way that fuels & excites you & fulfills your deepest desires.

Fortunately, as a result of my own journey & the clients I’ve helped along the way, I created a self-rescue shortcut in 2018 that takes my clients FAR less time to master the art of self-rescue than it did me. :)

In fact, I can guarantee a full make-over of your life can occur in less than a year if you apply the fundamental basics of self-rescue that I teach into your life!

The Brave-Hearted Way is a self-rescue compass & road map to brave-hearted courage, authenticity & wholeness I created that helps you learn how to live, love, lead & work in a way that leads to happiness, health & wealth without sacrificing yourself.

Not only will this compass & road map teach you how to get to the root cause of burnout, it will also help you learn how to GROW, HEAL & SHINE beyond the confines of the sociological, patriarchal, & generational impacts from above that has kept women stuck in old programming, stories & conditioning that wasn’t even ours to begin with.

So with this in mind, I have a question for you to consider…

Are there any areas of your life where you are under stress, drained of energy or feeling blocked to pursue your heart’s deepest desires?

If yes, you will benefit greatly from learning how to master the art of self-rescue!

If you’d like support, simply type “HELP” in the comments below & I’ll follow up with you privately to discuss.

And to support you in exploring this topic further over the next 2 weeks, I invite you to join me here in the Brave-Hearted Woman Self-Rescue Community as we dive deeper into this topic, which includes a live self-rescue training every Wednesday at 11:30 am MT along with self-rescue resources & reflection for becoming your very own hero.

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I hope you found today’s topic helpful & here’s to you living a life of brave-hearted courage, authenticity & wholeness! :)

Jess Bonasso, also known as The Self Care Goddess, is a Brave Life Catalyst & Self-Rescue Coach, Author & Keynote Speaker who has been teaching worn out working wonder women how to master the art of self-rescue since 2007.

After unraveling at a cellular level the self-sabotage from her corporate-climbing 20’s & business-building 30’s that led her into burnout, breakdown & a proverbial midlife crisis, she created The Brave-Hearted Way, a self-rescue compass & road map to brave-hearted courage, authenticity & wholeness that empowers worn out working wonder women to live, love, lead & work in a way that leads to happiness, health, wealth & wholeness.

In addition to being the creator of The Brave-Hearted Way & a published co-author of Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women (Vol.2), Jess is also an accredited practitioner of The Journey Method®, a highly effective form of cellular trauma release therapy that can unravel at a cellular level the core fears, limiting beliefs & unhealthy behaviors that cause us to sacrifice our soul, sanity or health.

Be sure to follow Jess on social media where you’ll receive daily inspiration & support on how to heal & fuel your life so you can embrace your greatness on FacebookTwitterYouTube, or LinkedIn! :)

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