Why Rest & Play Can Boost Your Productivity

Why Rest & Play Can Boost Your Productivity

What percentage of time do you set aside time for rest & play each week?

If you’re like most hard-working professionals, the percentage of time allowed for rest & play is probably FAR less than the time you spend working each week.

I get it…

For years I worked long days & hours each week because I was trying to get as much done as I possibility could in a day for 2 reasons: 1) so I could feel good about my productivity & accomplishments & 2) to prove my value & my worth to my boss, clients, significant other, etc….

But what if I told you that increasing the amount of time you allow for rest & play could actually increase & boost your productivity?

If you’re of the same philosophy as I was in my younger years, you might be doubting this but I assure it’s absolutely true!

Speaking for myself personally, I was a high-achieving, hard-working, high-producer for years working 6-7 days a week throughout all of my 20’s & the first ½ of my 30’s.

Unfortunately, it came at a cost because it tanked my physical, mental & emotional health so bad that I experienced a proverbial midlife crisis.

During that crisis, I left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur, not realizing then that I would repeat the pattern of over-producing & over-working as a solopreneur the first 5 years I was in business for myself.

It wasn’t until I started to experience burnout again as a business owner that I realized it wasn’t my old corporate job that was the problem…

It was my high-achieving work ethic & inability to set boundaries with my time, energy, value & worth that was causing me to burn myself out!

And that’s when I started to better understand the importance of energy (vs. time) management, which led me to create an entire self-rescue system that not only helped me rescue myself from the burnout I experienced in my 20’s & 30’s but is something that I teach my clients today how to do as well.  

As a result of navigating my way through those repeated patterns of burnout, I learned the hard way that there are many costs to not managing your energy effectively AND that there are also many benefits that can be received when we learn how to make time for rest & play in our life!

Which is exactly why I want to share with you today how rest & play can actually boost your productivity AND prevent you from sacrificing your soul, sanity or health in the process.

In fact, according to an article I found by Medical Bulletin there are 7 different ways in which consistent & sufficient rest can actually boost your productivity:

  1. Greater capacity to handle stress
  2. Reduced risk of heart disease
  3. Boosts your immune system
  4. Corrects inconsistent sleep patterns & insomnia
  5. Restores mental balance, energy & fatigue
  6. Increases mental creativity & enhances problem-solving skills
  7. Increases focus, ability to concentrate & short-term memory

As for play, in a study by Brigham Young University, teams that played a collaborative (video) game together for just 45 minutes were able to increase their productivity on a task by 20%!

In fact, company cultures that allow for play are better able to tap into the best in their employees, and employees themselves can bring more effectiveness into their work.

Why can play boost productivity?

Here are just a few reasons …

  • Play fosters innovation which helps you work through problems faster.
  • Play unites team (& family) members so that you can feel more supported in your day-to-day tasks.
  • Play lets you bring more of your authentic self out to play so that you don’t have to fake it until you make it.
  • Play helps you blow off steam so that stress doesn’t take you out of the game.

As you can see from all the benefits above, rest & play can contribute to our productivity greatly & are a very important aspect of our happiness, health AND wealth!

All the more reason to take consistent breaks throughout your work day & work week. :)

But wait… I know what you must be thinking.

All of this sounds great but how can I create time for rest & play when there’s simply no time in the day?!

Trust me…

Even if you’re a solopreneur wearing all the hats of the business owner, a hard-working parent juggling home & work responsibilities or a corporate professional that travels a lot for a living there are ALWAYS ways to build in more time for rest & play.

For example, simply plugging your top 1-3 energy drains can free up the time & space that allows you to make rest & play a bigger priority again.

With this in mind, I invite you to consider the following…

  • What is it costing you to NOT make time for rest & play in your life?
  • Isn’t your happiness & health worth it?

If you’ve been working hard with no time left at the end of the day for rest, play OR yourself, these questions might be hard to face but here’s the deal…

You don’t have to figure out how to work smarter or manage your energy better on your own!

If you realize you’re in need of a self-rescue when it comes to the way you’re managing your time, energy, value or worth at work OR at home, I have a few forms of support I can offer:

1. Join me live or catch the replay of tomorrow’s self-rescue training that I lead every Wednesday at 11:30 am MT inside of my Brave-Hearted Woman Self-Rescue Community on Facebook where I’ll be sharing additional resources for how to build rest & play into your life along with the various types of rest & play you can incorporate consistently into your routine! 

2. Sign up for a FREE 15-minute Self-Rescue Assessment to assess your self-rescue needs & identify a way for you to foster more rest & play in your own life. 

3. Join my Brave-Hearted Sisterhood Paid Membership Community FREE for the first 30 days to receive sisterhood, connection & support with any conflict you might be experiencing through weekly sisterhood circles with other high-reaching women who want to learn the art of self-rescue. 

I hope you find the above resources helpful & here’s to us ALL learning how to boost our productivity through rest & play so we can live, love, lead & work from a place of happiness, health, wealth & wholeness! ❤️️

Jess Bonasso, also known as The Self Care Goddess, is a Brave Life Catalyst & Self-Rescue Coach who has been helping worn out working wonder women (& men too!) in need of self-rescue since 2007.

Are You In Need of a Self-Rescue? If over-working, over-giving or over-achieving is leading you into overwhelm, stress, exhaustion or unhappiness in life, you might be!

To learn how to work smart & live, love & lead in a brave-hearted way that fuels & inspires you (vs. drains & depletes you), I invite you to sign up for a *COMPLIMENTARY* Self-Rescue Toolkit to assess any burnout or self-sabotage you might be struggling with & identify the self-rescue road map that will help you become your very own hero!

When you register for the toolkit, you’ll also receive access to the Brave-Hearted Woman Self-Rescue Community, where you can participate in a free 10-day Self-Rescue Adventure & receive weekly self-rescue guidance on how to master the art of self-rescue so you can create happiness, health & wealth without sacrificing their soul, sanity or health.

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